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Welcome to the Chasing Hits TCG family! We appreciate you being here.


Pokémon TCG Monthly Subscriptions.

  • Mystery Boxes

    • These boxes will contain an array of Pokémon related TCG items including but not limited to sealed product, loose packs (English and/or Japanese), black star promo cards, loose modern and/or vintage cards, graded cards, etc. 

  • Mystery Slabs

    • In this mystery box, you will receive 1 graded card. 1 out of every 10 will be a "chase slab". Currently, you will only receive cards that have been graded by BGS, CGC or PSA. 

  • Mystery ETB's

    • In your ETB you will receive a minimum of 8 packs (English and/or Japanese), dice (there's a chance for higher end metal dice), markers (damage, heal and VSTAR and/or GX), energy brick, 65 deck sleeves and 4 dividers. We may seed other Pokémon related items in the boxes as well. 1 random ETB each month will receive a graded card! ​

  • Multi subscription discounts. If you have 2 subscriptions you'll receive 5% off each. If you have all 3 subscriptions, you'll receive 10% off each!

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